Since the majority of the content in Second Life is created by the residents of Second Life I’m starting a list of resources for creators and those who are looking to become creators. This list will change with time as new resources are identified. If you know of a resource that you believe belongs in this article then please send a comment to this article and your resource will be considered.

   If you search for education under the events tab in search you will get a load of classes not always about creating in Second Life, but most of these classes are usually free or for a small fee you can participate. :In-world

The College of Scripting: :In-world

Appearance Video Tutorials: :Outworld

LSL Tutorials: :Outworld

Creation Portal: :Outworld

Tutorials: :Outworld

LSL Portal: :Outworld

Sculpted prim: :Outworld

Business, Marketing and Advertising: :Outworld

Open Source Portal: :Outworld

Clothing Tutorials: :Outworld

Video Tutorials: :Outworld

SL Learning Centre: :In-world