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Brown nosing object

   Ever want an object that will kiss your butt and anyones butt who touches it, well you’re in luck. This script can be put into any object of your choosing that you have permissions to in second life. All you have to do is build or acquire an object of your choosing. This might boost your confidence on days that you’re feeling down.

   Warning: putting this in an object that has a script already in it might cause conflicts. Too check if there is a script in an object already you need permissions to drop the object on some land. Once you drop the object right click on it and in the menu select edit. A dialog box will appear click on the content tab this is where you will see a script if there is one.

   Once that is resolved you’ll need to copy the code to a new script. While the object is still on the ground and the edit dialog box is still opened up to the content tab click on the “new script” button. A new script file will show up in the content window. Double click on the file and it will open with some code in it delete this code. The code your copying already has these functions in it. Once deleted copy the code in this article to the new script. Click the “save” button this will compile the code and will tell you if there’s any errors if no errors it will say “save complete”. When this is done the object will be ready to be used, and you can close the editing dialog box. If you want to move the object just take it. Then when you want to use the object drop it on a piece of land that you have permissions to and the object will have the option to be touched.


//Talking object
integer count=1;//used to select different phrases from selection statments
integer flag =0;//flag to keep other users from starting the timer ontill the previous users session is complete.
string name;//used with llDetectedName to detect users name
   //Makes a comment when placed.
     llSay(0, “Thank you for putting us down!”);
   // Makes a statement on touch, starts timer, detects name, sets flag
   touch_start(integer total_number)
       llSay(0, “We love you ” + name+”.”);


   //started in touch_star event
     if (count==1)
       llSay(0, “We think “+name+” is the greatest.”);

       llSay(0, name+ ” you’re so smart.”);

       llSay(0, “We’re happy you picked us “+name+”, goodbye.”);
   count +=1;


New Years 2010

   Did you get the opportunity to go to the Linden Department of Public Works new years celebration at the Voss region. It was hard to get there at times because so many people went to the event that the server was full and wouldn’t allow anyone else to enter. If you didn’t make it you’re in luck I’ll tell you about it and I took pictures for you.

   It was a big circular structure consisting of two circles. The outside circle was made of black vertical rectangular pillars 24 in all. Each pillar had a region of the real world printed on it in white. The regions were put in order based on the time differences to match real time so Fiji and its surrounding areas were first and Samoa and its surrounding areas were last. In the inner circle there were flag poles in front of every rectangle region and at the bottom of the flag poles sat the year either 2009 before the change or 2010 after the change. The ball was similar to the ball used in times square. The ball would move to a region just before the hour to do the count down and then stay there till it had to move again just before the next hour. When the ball started its count down of course it would be at the top of the pole and the places in that region were a dull white. When the ball reached the bottom of the pole the places became a bright white and the year at the bottom of the pole turned to 2010. Then in the very center there was a dance floor and in the center of the dance floor was mortars that on the hour would shoot up in the air and what would fall was particles in the shape of 2010.

   The dance floor was hopping. The people were from all different time zones. There was particles and streamers flying. The music was streamed in by KONA radio ( The music was from the 60’s through the 80’s which was very appropriate for the event. I noticed that most of the objects at the event were outsourced to a contractor. Most of the objects were created and owned by Stoic Mole. I read his profile and I quote him “I’m the lead Mole on the Zindra monorail project and do other odd jobs for the Linden Department of Public Works.”. I take my hat off to you Stoic you did a great job at this event. I’ll have to find the Zindra monorail to see how that pans out.

   Here’s my pictures from when I went. New_Years_2010

   If your curious and want to see some of the place it might still be there: here is the link . I’m sure it’s not in all its glory. Happy New Year.

Modded Controllers - Evil Controllers

Creator Resources

   Since the majority of the content in Second Life is created by the residents of Second Life I’m starting a list of resources for creators and those who are looking to become creators. This list will change with time as new resources are identified. If you know of a resource that you believe belongs in this article then please send a comment to this article and your resource will be considered.

   If you search for education under the events tab in search you will get a load of classes not always about creating in Second Life, but most of these classes are usually free or for a small fee you can participate. :In-world

The College of Scripting: :In-world

Appearance Video Tutorials: :Outworld

LSL Tutorials: :Outworld

Creation Portal: :Outworld

Tutorials: :Outworld

LSL Portal: :Outworld

Sculpted prim: :Outworld

Business, Marketing and Advertising: :Outworld

Open Source Portal: :Outworld

Clothing Tutorials: :Outworld

Video Tutorials: :Outworld

SL Learning Centre: :In-world


    Hello and welcome to The Alternate Monkey Universe. I get to be the one to break the site and you in. So I figured I’d discuss what you might see from me in the future. I have a great interest in the technology used in the world of Second Life and sometimes out.

    I like the scripting part of Second Life. There’s a lot of predefined functions that do a wide variety of actions and with the resident’s ingenuity there’s almost nothing that can’t be created. Along with scripting there’s building. Building is another creative outlet that the residents of Second Life do that amazes me. I’m just taken back by the details that builders build into their objects. When scripting and building are combined they come to make a very interesting object. When the objects are all put together on a sim it brings me to one of my other interests traveling to sims and taking in their wonderful creations.

    I’m so impressed by the work put into places that reside on sims or the whole sim themselves. I’ve gone to places that were full of beautiful built structures, but most residents don’t even see these sims and it’s a shame to be able to witness all the work that has gone into these areas and then it goes unnoticed by the majority. This is another part of Second Life I’d like to bring to you: these places that might have gone unnoticed.

    Let me not forget about making clothing, skins, tattoos, animations, and more. These also are great feats of creation. The making of these are usually done outside the meta-verse on third party software. There’s a lot of open source third party software out on the web to work with and at times I’ll try to point them out.

    Now that you have an idea what i’ll bring to the table I hope you will come back time to time to see new posts or maybe subscribe to the feed. Hopefully my perspective on Second Life will not be the only one posted here. The editor is looking for people who have a love for Second Life and are interested in writing stories. If you are one of those people and have interesting ideas and or like to tell stories: drop in the comments your interest in getting involved and a way to contact you and the editor will get back to you.